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Black, Grey, and Bohemian

Liz | OpulentElegance Signature Candles

Liz | OpulentElegance Signature Candles

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Liz is a sentimental scent created and gifted to the Black, Grey, & Bohemian Matriarch, Liz, for her 85th Birthday from her granddaughter, rAi.

"It makes me feel like I'm in a very clean country wooden house with the windows up feeling the fresh spring breeze carrying the magnolia scent from the magnolia tree in the backyard." - Z. Brent, Liz's granddaughter.

Step into a world of timeless elegance with our
Liz Signature Candle

Each flame whispers the essence of blooming magnolia blossoms, unveiling a symphony of delicate floral notes.

Product Details:

  • Proprietary Blended Coconut Beeswax
  • Therapeutic Grade Essential & Premium Oils
  • Crackling Wooden Wick¬†(Unless You Go Wickless!)
  • Glass Container with Lid¬†(Metal Container with Lid for Wickless!)
  • Topper: Dried Jasmine Buds, Dried Forget Me Nots Petals, Clear Quartz Crystal Chips, Amethyst Chips
  • Gift Box, Note of Affirmation, Safety & Care Card

Mini Burn Time: 20-30 HRS
Everyday Burn Time: 35-45 HRS
Indulge Burn Time: 55-65 HRS

All candles are made and hand poured by
Black, Grey, and Bohemian

Please Review Additional Care and Safety Notes Here

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