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Candles have been around for over 5,000 years, helping guide and illuminate our way through the dark. It's not surprising that they've taken strong roles in other areas of our lives such as celebrations, mourning, and even otherworldly. We wish to preserve these qualities of the little flame that dances freely for us, and keep it as pure and natural and possible.

Illuminate & Elevate

Our wax is sourced from renewables and is crafted solely from FDA-approved waxes. A unique fusion of Coconut, Soy, Hemp, and Beeswax – gluten-free, toxin-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free.

We exclusively use 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade essential and premium luxury fragrance oils, made with ethically sourced ingredients from over 40 countries. Our candles are a testament to our commitment to a clean, organic way of life, free from harsh synthetic fragrances and chemicals.

All candles are hand poured.

Crafting a Well Balanced Candle

Candle Creation | Candle Life Cycle

At Black Grey & Bohemian, we wholeheartedly embrace the mystical and the beyond. Every candle vessel undergoes a purifying process, followed by a smudging ritual with a blend of herbs to harmonize, rejuvenate, and amplify positive energy before any candles are crafted.

Open a luxury package fit for the divine and discover a surprise affirmation with your candle, setting the perfect tone for your journey into zen mode and self-care.

Before We Dive In

Our Candle Toppers

It's important to note that candles, while enchanting, come with fire safety considerations. Non-traditional candles need a little extra TLC. Start by letting your candle burn for at least 2 hours during the initial use. This helps the wax pool evenly, providing a protective cloak for the botanical and crystal toppers, ensuring they stay below the flame. Afterward, you can relight the candle as usual.

Your Eyes aren't deceiving you

Discoloration is Normal

Over time, the hues of a candle may transform due to the interplay of oils, pigments, external elements like sunlight and surroundings, and incomplete wax pools that fail to uniformly liquefy.

Getting Cozy With

Wooden Wicks

It's the perfect blend of style and substance. They provide a captivating, crackling ambiance, sustainable elegance, minimal soot, enhanced scent throw, and an even, extended burn. Thoughtfully designed with safety in mind, each wick is anchored at the base of the glass using a cold-rolled steel clip. This clever mechanism maintains a safe distance between the flame and the glass, assisting with keeping the candle from overheating and the risk of glass breakage during it's final burn.

Enjoying the Last Bit

Final Burn | Recycling

As your candle nears its end, a small amount of wax may remain at the bottom of the jar. Please refrain from relighting the candle or adjusting the wick to avoid overheating and potential glass breakage. To complete your experience, consider using a candle warming plate to gently warm the jar from beneath. Once your candle has served its purpose, we encourage you to recycle the jar and repurpose it as a decorative item.

Instructions On How To Clean Your Jar

Fill the jar with hot water and let the wax naturally rise to the surface, allowing it to cool and harden. Once solid, it's easy to remove any remaining wax chunks and throw away. Repeatedly follow this method until the jar is completely cleaned. Afterward, wipe it down with soap and water or alcohol, and then you're free to enjoy your newly transformed decorative piece to your heart's content!

REMEMBER TO NEVER POUR WAX DOWN A DRAIN as it can lead to blockages and plumbing issues.

Candle Health & Safety


♥ Check for a clean area around my wick before lighting, as some of my toppings may have shifted during my travels. Trim the wick to around 1/4 inch before lighting to prevent excessive soot and ensure a clean, even burn.

♥ Light me at a slight angle
(it's just easier and will help the wick catch quicker)

♥ Allow my wax to melt to the edge of the glass and create an even pool upon my first burn. This helps keep me from tunneling.

♥ Allow me to burn for at least 2 hours upon my first burn. After, please burn me for 1-4 hours at a time to avoid overheating.

♥ Place me on a heat-resistant, flat surface away from drafts. This will keep everyone safe.


✘ Leave me unattended, in a drafty area or in areas where children and pets can easily get to me and burn themselves or knock me over.

✘ Forget to trim my wick at the start of each burn. Trimming helps reduce the risk of accidents since a long or untrimmed wick can create a larger, flickering flame that may lead to soot buildup on the glass, potentially causing a fire hazard.

✘ Allow me to burn for more than 4 hours at a time.

✘ Blow me out...I'm a little kinky and I would much rather be smothered by your love with a snuffer.

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