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Black, Grey, and Bohemian

Rejoice | OpulentElegance Signature Candles

Rejoice | OpulentElegance Signature Candles

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‚ÄúIn winter, on the darkest nights, one¬†rejoices¬†even to see the tiniest sliver of a moon.‚ÄĚ
‚Äē¬†Marty Rubin
Embark on a sensory journey with our Rejoice Signature Candle

Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of exotic Ylang Ylang, known for its intoxicating floral allure, and the bright, citrusy embrace of Sweet Orange. This candle unveils a symphony of emotions, creating a captivating ambiance that balances tranquility and vitality.

Product Details:

  • Proprietary Blended Coconut Beeswax
  • Therapeutic Grade Essential & Premium Oils
  • Crackling Wooden Wick¬†(Unless You Go Wickless!)
  • Glass Container with Lid¬†(Metal Container with Lid for Wickless!)
  • Topper:¬†Dried¬†Calendula Petals, Orange Calcite Crystal Chips
  • Gift Box, Note of Affirmation, Safety & Care Card

Mini Burn Time: 20-30 HRS
Everyday Burn Time: 35-45 HRS
Indulge Burn Time: 55-65 HRS

All candles are made and hand poured by
Black, Grey, and Bohemian

Please Review Additional Care and Safety Notes Here

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