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Ranger Ray

LA Amethyst | Ranger Ray

LA Amethyst | Ranger Ray

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Crafted Brilliance | Ranger Ray | One-of-a-Kind Elegance

A Piece of History Still in the Making
Elevate your style with a remarkable Sterling Silver, Amethyst, and glass necklace, bracelet, and earring set, meticulously crafted by Nevada's trailblazing first Black State Park Ranger.

Amethyst, the 'Stone of Peace,' is revered for its metaphysical properties promoting inner peace, spiritual growth, and balance. Known to enhance intuition and calm the mind, amethyst is believed to provide a protective aura, aiding in meditation and fostering a deeper connection to one's inner wisdom.

Designer: Ranger Ray
Material: Sterling Silver
Stones: Amethyst, Glass
Condition: Brand New
Packaging: Gift Box
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