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Nestled in the heart of the vibrant city, our family has proudly called Las Vegas home since 1933, a tale of generations woven into the fabric of this dazzling oasis!

the ONE & ONLY

Ranger Ray Jewelry Line

Black, Grey, & Bohemian is honored to showcase the unique and original designs of the FIRST BLACK NEVADA STATE PARK RANGER. From a city proclamation to receiving the prestigious 'American Heroes' award, discover the remarkable story behind our exquisite jewelry

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Discover the Heartbeats Behind the Scenes

The work everyone sees happens because of the work no one sees!

  • Who is Ranger Ray?

    Ray started with State Park Services May 15th, 1975 and was promoted to State Park Ranger in April/May of 1978, making him the FIRST Black State Park Ranger of Nevada!

    The Man | The Myth | The Legend 
  • Who Are the Heartbeats?

    It is a call to move beyond words and into the realm of deeds, for it is in the doing that the heartbeat of a reinvigorated and harmonious society can be felt.

    Who Are the Heartbeats? 
  • Who is rAi&Lyra?

    The global shutdown of 2020 forced a lot of hands to show what cards they were holding in their lives; literally for the Owner, rAi Marie, of Black, Grey, & Bohemian.

    The Journey 

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