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Black, Grey, and Bohemian

Rose of Jericho Water | Portal Edition (Leo Moon)

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Rose of Jericho Water
approx 0.5oz

this unique handcrafted and spiritually worked
water is the only one of it's kind.

handcrafted and worked during the
2/2/22 - 2/22/22 Portal
the water was started on a Friday evening under
a waxing crescent moon and continued to moon
bathe nightly, being pulled in before sunrise
until the final charge by Full Moon in Leo.

the water was then filtered several times
before being bottled in glass vessels that
had been sterilized and smoked with a special
herb blend and finished with white wax for purity by the closing
of the portal.

once this very special water is gone, it can
never be recreated again.
Use it sparingly in your works -
trust us, a little WILL go a LONG way.

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