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Black, Grey, and Bohemian

Plague Doctor Charm Necklace

Plague Doctor Charm Necklace

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The original plague doctor outfit was made of Moroccan goat leather and was accompanied by boots, a hat, gloves, and breeches. The iconic mask fit snuggly to the face, and the 'beak' measured approximately six inches long. It served as a chamber for aromatics and blended herbs that was believed to prevent the wearer from breathing in the diseased air.

Be sure to give your favorite plague doctor a little extra love and credit today. T
hey recognized the spread and symptoms of plague and gave people hope in an age of constant medical crisis, something they hardly ever get true credit for. 

Product/Allergy Information:
Assorted Chains | Nickle & Lead Free | Iron & Brass | 26in

How It's Made: 

  • Charm - Oxidized Brass Finished Metal


  • N/A | Fashion 
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