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Ranger Ray

Crystalize Me | Mini Pendant

Crystalize Me | Mini Pendant

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One of a kind earrings and necklace sets handmade by Ranger Ray only at
Black, Grey, and Bohemian

In tandem with rAi&Lyra, a master level healer, you can be sure that the crystal jewelry you see from Black, Grey, and Bohemian is worked and crafted with real energy and real intentions. 
Amplification | Clarity | Intention 
Clear Quartz is known and respected as "the Master" healing crystal considering it's extremely high vibrations and he ability to enhance clairvoyance and amplify energy. It's great for setting and achieving goals and improving the effectiveness of other stones around it. 

Protection | Motivation | Grounding
A powerful underrated stone, Red Jasper helps to emotionally stabilize the mind and empower the wearer. It vibrates and stimulates the lower chakras and brings forward strength and endurance.

Vitality | Motivation | Confidence 
Tiger's Eye is a top favorite among a lot of healers due to its powerful ability to boost energy, inspire confidence and willpower, generate thought and motivation, and even helps ground and ward off evil.

Intuition | Balance | Clarity
Amethyst is considered to be one of "The Nobles" of stones & crystals. With it's high vibrations it is great for protection, grounding, spiritual wisdom & insight, humility and so much more. Be empowered by Amethyst's dual ability to generate positive vibes while dispelling negative unwanted energy.
Solo Necklace Pendant on Sterling Sliver or 14k Filled Gold
Product/Allergy Information:
  • Sterling Silver or 14K Filled Gold | Great for sensitive skin and ears!
How It's Made: 
  • Tumbled Amethyst, Tiger's Eye, Falcon Eye, Clear Quartz, Red Jasper
  • Sterling Silver or 14K Filled Gold Chain&Findings
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Customer Reviews

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rett smith
She's going to love it!

A well polished and beautiful stone, tastefully and securely mounted, and hung from a chain that won't turn her neck green or cause a rash. My lady is a rock hound and jewelry junky and the only thing that will make her happier than this necklace is finding out I bought it from a local small business. I couldn't have asked for more.