Black, Grey, and Bohemian

Cascarilla Protection - Egg Shell Necklaces

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Cascarilla powder has been the go to for spiritual protection, cleansing, and purification for years. It's power and uses is best known for warding off negative energies and creating a protective barrier between both the natural and supernatural realms. 

Black, Grey, and Bohemian's Cascarilla Protection Necklaces are worked in small batches during the dark moon then infused and charged with love & light energy, prayer, and blessing during full moon ceremonies.

Wear/Keep this trinket close to your heart to repel negative vibrations and energy all while being fashionable!

Product/Allergy Information:

Assorted Chains | Nickle & Lead Free | Iron & Brass | 18in

How It's Made: 

  • Glass Bottle with Cork - Sealed 
  • Pure: Grounded Eggshells
  • Blended: Grounded Eggshells, Ashe of White Sage and Lavender Buds 


  • Expel Negative Energy and Vibrations