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Black, Grey, and Bohemian

Blessed Chambers | All Purpose Cleaner

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Do we even really know what Hypochlorite is? 

It's bleach btw...which is corrosive to stainless steel and requires a rinse after use...I really hope you're wiping your stainless steel appliances with a clean water rag after spraying any product that has this in it...

You are wiping down your appliances and counters with a clean water rag after use of a cleaning product right...?


Wellllllllllllllll, the good news is that with 'Blessed Chambers - All Purpose Cleaner' is no need to worry about a double wipe or left over residue! 

The average household contains about 62 toxic chemicals...and we're using this to clean OUR HOMES! 

Blessed Chambers has only 5 simple ingredients that you can pronounce, recognize, and still give you that satisfying clean you and your space deserves!

Lavender Lemonade | Puckeringly Relaxing
Whitecaps | Fresh Like a Sea Mist 
Sunburst | Citrus

How It's Made: 
White Vinegar
(kills household bacteria, dissolves hard water deposits, cuts through grime)

Organic Sugarcane Alcohol
(highly efficient disinfectant)

Colloidal Silver
(a natural preservative known to have antibacterial, antimicrobial, & anti-fungal properties)

Distilled Water
Natural Essential Oils for Fragrance

How to Use: 
Spray on counter tops and other high traffic surface areas and wipe with the micro-cloth provided. 

Spray directly to the micro-cloth and wipe surfaces such as doorknobs, handles, screens. 

For more stubborn messes, spray the area and allow to sit for up to 15 minutes before wiping.

Using on hardwood floors and natural stone counter tops/floors

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