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Alani | LUXE Diffuser Set with Affirmation Gift Box

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Alani is a gorgeous vintage inspired glass piece that will have you feeling like 1940's Movie Starlet. The perfect edition to your crystal loving style without the price tag.

Scent Options:

Signature | Lavender Lemonade - Scent so puckery, you'll want a glass of ice cold lemonade while you relax.

Signature | Southern Summertime - Rosemary fills your space like the smell of a nice summer rain from the Delta, MS. 

Ruby Red - A fragrance who likes to keep you guessing. She can be very Rosy and sweet, but give her time to change her mind and she may show off her Grapefruit side.

Jazzy9 - This Jasmine flower comes with a little sass. 

Starlight - Imagine; the summer air is thick, warm, and humid. But all of the stars and fireflies are out and you're busy making memories in the grass eating oranges with your loved ones. 

All Natural Standard Diffuser Base: 100% natural diffuser base designed for optimal & clean fragrance throw with no phthalates, parabens, sulfates or petroleum.

COCO Diffuser BaseThis coconut infused diffuser base is
designed for optimal fragrance throw and formulated with no phthalates or parabens. 

Gift Box Set: 
1 Glass Piece with stopper/plug
1 Fragrance (100ml)
10 Reeds
White designed gift box with Affirmation lid and 
tissue paper on the inside.

For increased fragrance throw, flip reeds (with caution) every few days.

This giftset makes gift giving a breeze. Grab a cute bag, don't forget the card, and you're good to go!

Not for human or animal consumption.