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Affirmation | Self-Love Jar w/Grabovoi Number

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Created by a well known contemporary Russian medium, this method has the main purpose of using specific numerical codes that are very powerful, also known as Grabovoi Numbers, or Radionic signatures.

We ask that you open your heart to receiving this self-love jar. Allow it to speak to and encompass you with it's healing radiant energy, and know that the affirmation inside is just for you. 

How It's Made: 

  • Glass Bottle with Cork - Sealed w/corresponding wax for Joy&Happiness 
  • Amethyst&Rose Quartz Chips- to help soothe you and amplify your love
  • Sugar - be sweet on yourself 
  • Himalayan Pink Salt - Clean your mind of Negative Thoughts
  • Rose Gold Flake - a reminder that you are more than precious and more than worth your weight in gold in this heavy ass world 
  • Lavender - help calm the storm in your mind 
  • Sunflower Petals - return your joy and happiness 
  • Lily - Remind you of your beauty and devotion to self 
  • Dandelion Seeds - So that you may always have a wish on you
  • Hand Written Affirmation by a glass charged quill with Grabovoi Code for Self-Love 
  • Charged w/the May Flower Moon 2021