Together, We Can Make a Difference...

The rising tide of mental health challenges demands action.
If our officials won't lead the change, it falls upon us to be the change.
Let's break the stigma, foster understanding, and support one another.
In a world in need of empathy and compassion, it starts with us.
Be the change for mental health.

The Gift | A Short Film About Invisible Battles

Let's Break the Stigma

Our merch designs delve into the intricate tapestry of mental health, capturing the unpredictable spectrum from the simplest, lighthearted brain fogs to the crushing, crippling shutdowns and self-sabotaging moments. Each design is a visual testament, representing both the whimsical and the profound aspects of mental health. We believe in the power of representation and destigmatization, recognizing that everyone's journey is unique.

In a world that often misunderstands, our designs stand as a reminder that all moments are valid. Life with mental health challenges is a rollercoaster, and our creations reflect the authenticity of this journey. As advocates for change, we acknowledge the desperate need for reputable safe spaces where individuals can decompress and access the help and resources they require during the highs and lows. Let's celebrate the complexities, break down barriers, and foster a community that embraces the entirety of the mental health experience.

You Deserve ; Be Here ♥

And We're Happy That you are!