The Rundown | Mercury Tags Out, Jupiter & Neptune Tags In, & Where the Hell Did Pluto Come From!?

The Rundown | Mercury Tags Out, Jupiter & Neptune Tags In, & Where the Hell Did Pluto Come From!?

Although we are still in it's shadow, let's just take a second to take a deep breath and excitedly yell:


Woo, what a fun one that was, huh?

Mercury, at the time this article will be published (yay for schedulers), has JUST GONE direct in Gemini at 10 PM Universal Time, and we will coast in it's post shadow of Cancer until July 7th. Not too bad. A few last-minute emotional pinches here and there, but for the most part, we are in the clear.

We can finally take that deep breath of relief and move forward...or can we?

If you think the work is done, I got news for you, son - we got Jupiter in retro, followed by Neptune?…fun.

Hit it!


Ah-ha, you thought this year of inner work and introspect was over, didn't you? A good batch of you here knows deep in your heart that self-reflection and shadow work are never truly over.

And if you're new on this spiritual journey, you will quickly learn that… self-reflection and shadow work is never truly over.

So let's backtrack here for a second -

  • -This entire theme of "inner work" and "self-transformation" started back in April with Pluto. Yes, Pluto is and still is in retrograde, so if April was just tough on you and you found yourself sitting with a lot of newer consequences you've never seen before in your cycles, that's because we are now in the year of Aquarius, not Pisces, and Aquarius isn't playing any games. At the time of the switch, Aquarius practically mandated everyone to get their shxtty behaviors and toxic patterns in order, or literally get left behind and overlooked without pity or remorse. So Pluto came in with the belt and really started the party off strong with a HEAVY rebirth period that many of us was NOT ready for. So if you're still experiencing cosmic whoopings, um…yeah, it's REALLY time for you to change up, my dear.

  • -Good old Dad, Saturn, came onto the scene to put eyes on us and apply the pleasure of doing right FOR OURSELVES and getting right WITH OURSELVES.

  • -And then Mercury decided to tag in on the fun by administering "the life exam." Throwing at us some all too common situations wrapped in a different wrapper. Tempting us with repetitive self-sabotaging cycles that we have seen 100 times before.


And now it's finally "pencils down" for a slight relief as Mercury tags out until September, where she will rejoin ALL of Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, AND Neptune. *takes a deep breath*

Ok, so what's going on with the here and now with Jupiter being added to the mix?


Jupiter went retrograde in Aquarius (dear heavens Aquarius AGAIN!?) on June 20th and will stay spinning backward until going direct in Capricorn on October 18th. We have serious forward-moving energy here that means business here. But don't stress because if appropriately utilized, this could actually be the jolt and booster you need to push you into the next stretch.

Jupiter going RX is nothing like Mercury retrograde. So there's no real need to worry about pesky exes popping up, failed mechanics/technology, or a crap-load of miscommunication between you and others. However, you need to worry about where Jupiter holds the most influence in your life. You find this via your house in your birth chart and the zodiac that house is in. From THERE, you will be able to effectively create your inner growth blueprint so that you can actually BENEFIT from this retrograde.

Jupiter is NOT here to punish you. Instead, Jupiter is here with your test results from MercuryRX and is saying, "ok, so here is where we did amazing, and this is where we can improve." This is why it will be beneficial to know where Jupiter sits in your chart. Because JupiterRX can actually a BLESSING in disguise, especially with the energy being paired with the transformative power of Pluto. SO LONG as you are managing your energy and time well and doing the necessary work needed to be done.

Whether it's pull back some and be with yourself more, or you've been shying yourself away long enough, it's time to gradually re-enter the world and put yourself back out there, you will get the most accurate answer on how this RX will hit you from your chart. So find your chart, grab the house and zodiac and see how and where this energy will hit the most for you.

If you are in the position of not knowing your birth chart due to whatever reason, then JupiterRX may come off a bit confusing for you during this time. You may come across:

"Promising opportunities" that aren't really what they're projecting to be.

Unexpected skeletons may come out of the closet about a loved one that you may have trouble accepting.

Odd conflicts and petty arguments, especially political ones (considering Jupiter also rules over foreign affairs.)

And just overall feel out of place, which can heighten anxiety, trigger depressive episodes, and spiral you into that all too familiar mad world of "this isn't getting better," and unfortunately, it will seem to drag itself out.

This is mainly due to Jupiter is telling us to slow down and reflect as it forces us to take on our inner demons. So it's only natural that if you don't know what demon it is you're supposed to be taking on, you're going to find yourself in more lows and highs during this period.

Don't beat yourself up over it. You're practically battling with a blindfold on.

…Oh Sweet Poseidon…

Actually, there are some major differences between Poseidon and Neptune. Let's get this correct and give the queen of freshwater and dolphins her proper respect.

If you're familiar with me and have been in on a tarot show or two, especially back towards the end 2020 and at the top of this year, then you are very aware of me saying:

"2020 was the sandbox, 2021 is the reset, and 2022 is the takeoff. If you did what you were supposed to do in 2020, then 2021 will be kind to you, and you will have smooth sailings into abundance and security for 2022. Otherwise, buckle up because 2021 is going to rake you over the coals."

For those who are just now hearing (reading) this, allow me to catch you up:

2020 - with the exception of our essential workers, the majority of us was kept at home. While half of us just "dealt" with it, the other half actually used the 'time out' to acknowledge that their way of life wasn't how they wanted to live. If you were a part of the half that stopped and was like, "wait a minute…something needs to change," and actually STARTED making those changes, then congratulations! You are most likely exactly where you're supposed to be at this moment.

If you were a part of the half that stopped and was like, "wait a minute…something needs to change," but didn't do anything about it, then you're probably not handling 2021 so well right now, but you're trying your best. And hey, so long as you're doing the work now, that's all that matters. You can always catch up. It's when you choose to do nothing, like the half that's just "dealing with it" that you stunt your growth and continue the same old cycles that you're always in. Seriously, take a look at those around you, make a subtle note of who's just dealing with it and where they're at in their lives, and who said "nope, not doing this anymore," made changes, and where they are. Answer honestly now, which group do you want to be a part of?

Bringing us back into our present...

(which I really need you to recognize and accept that we are already halfway through 2021)

...for those who are where they are supposed to be, NeptuneRX is here to assist us with that number one question that always comes up after a major breakdown and breakthrough…

"What now?"


Neptune hits retrograde on June 25th, just a few days after Jupiter enters the game and Mercury exits the game. Here's the kicker about Neptune…she doesn't want to hear your 'excuses and whys' when she's in retrograde.

So this is NOT…


...a time to become nostalgic and teary-eyed about how the good old days used to be, and then run away from yourself crying and wishing about it. And this is not a time to be pushing off the much-needed work that still needs to be finished just because things are seemingly going "ok" right now. Because guess what, Neptune herself is ALSO a representation of introspection and self-reflection so you can try to run all you want, but if you truly want a real beneficial change in yourself and life, then you're going to have to embrace not only all that's happening around you, but also embrace yourself in its entirety and WANT to change and grow for a better future.

  • You've been forced into change and rebirthy by PlutoRX.
  • You've been doing the reflection and shadow work with SaturnRX.
  • You've taken on MerucryRX's bullshxt axx Cloister of Trials.

Now you're sitting with JupiterRX, reflecting on the life exam you just took. Tracking your growth, acknowledging what can use a little more work, and getting to know and like this newer, updated version of yourself.

NeptuneRX comes into play by asking us, "how are you going to be better tomorrow?"

What dreams and aspirations do you want to accomplish and how do you plan to achieve them? Once again, sitting with yourself, but this time asking what is it you truly want out of this life and how can you take it from being a fantasy and dream to a reality.

Your true divine sense of purpose.

  • Do you have to go back to school?
  • Is there a position open at work that you've been thinking about applying for but haven't?
  • Are you ready to pop the question?
  • Is it time for kids?
  • Is it time to move states?

NeptuneRX is a fantastic time to envision what your future entails so that way while you're in the now, you can be investing in yourself the right way to get you there. This energy allows you to be realistically ambitious. She's is literally giving you the green light to focus on your deepest desires right now. So don't waste it, because Neptune is really good at helping make things happen for us…but you have to be the one to do the work…

…so keep going, Heartbeat.
After all, you've made it this far, so create the reality you want.
The best thing about is it...

You have an abundance options. 


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