The Rundown | Mercury&Saturn Retrograde 2021

The Rundown | Mercury&Saturn Retrograde 2021

I quit.

It’s just easier for me to quit…there’s just a lot…it’s just so much. Would you like to scream into the void now or later?

Let’s do it now because this get’s pretty heavy, and I REALLY need you to sit with your thoughts after this…I’ll give you a second go ahead…


That was probably more for me than you…we good? Let’s get to it…

…Dad’s Home…

Saturn has graced us first by going retro on May 23rd, and I immediately gulped and said, 'oh shxt' because he’s not coming home from a happy fun time, ohhhh no…haha no no. Saturn is back from a VERY long business trip that had him in the office 98% of the time, and while we THOUGHT he was too distracted to notice our fxckery, he was getting reports on how his kids were doing while he was away. I hope those Life Report Cards are straight As because I know for a FACT I got some Ds on mine, and I am not excited…


The good news is, Saturn is not removing it’s belt. However, the bad news is he’s just standing there in his full business attire. Blocking the front door of escape, staring at us with severe disappointment as he graciously gives us time to ATTEMPT to think of a lie to explain our shenanigans. Refer back to the first paragraph, we can not lie because he already knows, and that is the lesson here. Don’t lie…do NOT lie.

Stop. Lying. To. Yourself.

Saturn has the spotlight shining hard on us, and guess what, it’s NOT going to go away until October 10th. There were absolutely NO planets in retrograde after February 21st, and yet we have STILL somehow managed to make a mess of things. Are we serious? Spinning out of the analytical energy of Aquarius into the power of hard-driven Capricorn, Saturn is not giving us a pass this time, refuses to save us, and 100% means business by it.

He is firm in this message, “it’s time to grow the fxck up and figure yourself out. These cycles need to stop.”

Too many times has Saturn given us grace to make things right, but not this time. Like a parent looming over a child trying to figure shxt out for themselves instead of jumping in to help, Saturn is doing just that. Treating us like the children we behaved as and since we’re so “grown” and “know everything” is just going to stand back and WATCH to see if we will figure it out.

But he does not come without SOME guidance, especially as we prepare to reenter back into society fully. BOUNDARIES are going to be your BIGGEST anchor points. The frustrations and feelings of being tempted to be flexible for the comfort of others is literally racking anxiety and discomfort in you; knock that off. It is EXTREMELY NECESSARY to FOCUS on self, self-care, self-needs, all things self right now. How could you POSSIBLY pour into something or someone else right now when you are running on empty? You don’t have a drop in your cup to miss your own lips, and you have the nerve to hand your dry ass cup to someone else and tell them to drink?

Boo, bye.
Sitcho ass down somewhere.

The pressures of being social as the world reopens are not benefiting you anyway, so please do not bend or break to it. It would be best to focus on your mental, physical, and emotional wellness before you go giving yourself to any of the outside demands. Yes, Saturn loves productivity, but only when it’s done right. In fact, Saturn would prefer it if you slowed down to truly be with yourself and reflect on the situation you have found yourself in; ESPECIALLY since we are all coming out of collective trauma. Saturn isn’t even asking nicely anymore, it’s DEMANDING that you HONOR yourself and NOT place yourself in uncomfortable scenarios just because someone coercers you not to be a "debbie downer."

Fxck. Them.

Take care of YOURSELF. You will have plenty of time to catch up on the social side, but you need to take care of those dark narratives running the show in your mind, and let’s be honest, wouldn’t that be better ANYWAYS? To actually be PRESENT in those social settings vs just “being there just because?”

Yes, they’re cute, and you guys vibe well, but now is not the time.
Sure, your friends are out having fun and want you to come along, but now is not the time.
It would be best if you let go of those negative thoughts and self-limiting ideas before you can proceed with moving forward, and he’s even CHALLENGING you to express these new effectively found boundaries to not only the outer realm of society trying to get in but ALSO to YOURSELF since you’re struggling with staying true to self and your needs. Guys listen…

It’s time to reflect.


Everything…EVERYTHING…returns full circle. Meaning that the pain we have done onto others will bring deep guilt within us, so don't worry if you’re suddenly struck with depression.

Breathe through it.
Break and cry.
Feel and be with it.
Journal it out.
Come to terms with what is done and work towards a better tomorrow.
It does not end here…
Keep. Going.

Likewise, all the pain that has been done on to us, is being addressed by said individuals in their own way. It is not yours to carry their baggage on this trip, so continue to focus on SELF and shine on in this world because just the same as they, you deserve to be here too.

Saturn coming into play makes this a crucial downtime for self-work. He wants us to progress forward. So slow down, take your time. Rest and recharge. Reconnect with self...and figure it out…Dad’s watching…

…And There’s This Bitch…

*slams head against desk*…so this bitch…

May 29th, Mercury will hit, and she’s working in tandem with Saturn to make sure we are doing what is expected of us. However, she’s not going to make it easy. In fact, her entire job this time is to set us up while dad watches…and that’s a WHOLE lot of ‘that’s a trap’ situations between then and June 23rd.


Whatever you do…
DO NOT hit the shiny red button…

You are being called home…to true self…it’s time to go home.

And with Saturn challenging us to do just that, Mercury is here to tempt us with shxt wrapped gold. False promises of why it’s better to stay out and party instead of honoring ourselves and knowing when to leave.

Exes and trash selections will use this down period of your life to help enhance those dark narratives you’re facing, forcing you into uncomfortable conversations and situations that you don’t have the capacity to handle right now.

Friends will use your current life report card as a reason to get over on you, causing you to believe you truly have no say in what goes on around you when you do.

Family will pressure you to do things you really don’t want to do by making you feel like it’s the better choice considering what’s on your plate.

And then there’s just you.
Your most prominent critic staring back at you, asking ‘what now?’

Mercury is not holding back. She wants to see what you will do, if you’re adaptable to sudden changes before you, and if you can navigate it without shutting down.

Spinning out of mischievous Gemini into stubborn Taurus, Mercury will stop at nothing to get us to stray from this essential test placed before us. But, knowing this, you now have the advantage. Gemini’s may be indecisive and full of sudden surprises, however once they’ve settled on a choice for themselves, they become very loyal to it. And with the Taurus energy of developing value within oneself backing it this round, it can be effortless to find the power in the word ‘no,’ during these transits.

You must take the time given to you here to revisit your core values, principles, and even acknowledge your triggers. So that you can create cohesive boundaries that are not only strong but effective and proper for your needs if you wish to progress forward. This can not be achieved if you’re neglecting who you are.

Find yourself.
HOLD SPACE for SELF…I can not stress this enough.

Saturn already came in with everything we need to know, and Mercury is the exam. Unless I sit with everyone one by one (which I possibly can not) this is as straight across the board I can get with what’s up in the skies.

It’s the long haul of reflection…
Engage with past, present, and future…
Return home to true self...
Erect meaningful and healthy boundaries…
Communicate effectively to both yourself and others…
Find power in the word no…

…and best of luck to all of us on the exam…

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